’s not just a nightmare for the person who has it

Depression is:

  • a liar. It hides behind a seemingly ‘good’ mood, giving everyone false hope that it has gone or may disappear.
  • a bitter consumer that doesn’t care about giving anything back. It strips the person, and the people who love them, of hope, faith and energy to face what life throws at them.
  • a long list of excuses. The sufferer could live in the house of their dreams, have the love of their soulmate, lots of genuine friends and enough money to live comfortably. But this will never be enough. Depression always sees doom. Negatives and no positives.
  • a relationship killer. The one who cares supports, makes excuses, treads on eggshells, questions their own value to that person, feels guilt that they can’t do more, and ignores their own needs because their partner is worse off. Both end up depressed.
  • a self fulfilling prophecy of paranoia. ”I’m not worth this help, so I won’t seek it.” Sufferer gets worse. ”I can’t help myself so I must be worthless.” Sufferer gets worse. ”My friends are commenting on my weird moods. That’s because I’m pathetic.” Worse still. ”I had better not burden them with my hideous personality.” Sufferer isolates self. ”I’ve got no friends. I am unlovable.” Depression worsens.
  • destructive. ”Everyone’s getting at me. It’s not even my fault. Well they can all f**K off.”

How can we help these people?

3 thoughts on “’s not just a nightmare for the person who has it

  1. intuitiveone says:

    Therapy, Antidepressants, sunshine, music, self improvement, energy healing, exercise…sunshine is my favorite.

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