I got the job!


Today I got offered the job that I had applied for months ago. It has been a really long process, such is the nature of this type of work, but at last they phoned me!. I am going to be working as a Teacher in a Special School for Autistic Children. I can’t wait. I have always felt more drawn to this kind of one-to-one approach and working with Special needs. I didn’t enjoy mainstream education and having too many kids in my classroom, not being able to really cater for any of them individually. So, I am going to be continuing with my Art, and hopefully using my skills to develop therapy work for the students…and also I’d like to share some ideas with other people who have experience of Autism. I admit, I have not and will be going through a lot of training. So, my blog will be taking yet another path, whilst diverging back to my other more personal topics as well. I hope to connect with people about Autism and learn as much as I can!

Here’s where I will be working:





A bit of a slow week but absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I hate it when I’m not very productive. It’s not that I haven’t got plenty to do or that I’m not inspired. It has been a combination of having a strange head cold coupled with hay fever, spending time with Fiance, and just generally waiting around for a phone call about a job. It has been like sitting on a bridge half way across. No man’s land.

I suppose it’s not always a bad thing to do nothing. It makes the activities you love more exciting and you see them with new eyes when you finally do get down to them again. Sometimes I have too much to do that I don’t do anything. Overload!

After all: ”The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ~Bertrand Russell

This is what I have started. It’s the Fire Element Card for the Major Arcana.

This is the last one of the five, having done Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. I’m not sure if I posted the finished Spirit card, so here it is:

I think the cards are looking really good together. I made this image up so that I could make sure they looked like they belonged together. Packs of cards should hold some unity. With these it’s the intricate borders and the angel wings.

Finally, here’s my reading material. Interesting wouldn’t you say? I’m keen to bring some ancient symbols into my jewellery pieces.

So, until next time, stay light, stay bright and don’t feel bad about doing nothing!

Blessings & Light


and from my familiar: