The Fire Element

Here it is, the Fire Element painting for the Major Arcana. It took time and a lot of re-painting but I got there in the end!

Here they all are in their splendor……

Peace, love and light!


14 thoughts on “The Fire Element

  1. Wow!!! They are all so beautiful, I love water!!!!!

  2. Have you though about doing a book with these images and text? This would be just beautiful!!

    • Thank you Lavie! I have yes…I will be making a set of 20 cards which will come with a guide book for use, but there is so much more potential as well….like these paintings with quotes from nature for example ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you for your messages of light and angelic presence you share with us. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award—Congratulations! Blessings, Erin

  4. I know my favorite blogger, creative muse from across the pond has been busy in real life. I have missed your presence in the blog~o~ sphere. I hope all is going beautifully with the new job, house hunting (yes?) and all the little moments too. So to say thanks for sharing your creative beauty I have nominated you for the โ€œOne Lovely Blogโ€ award. Wishing you a week filled with sunshine and butterflies!

    • Oh Julie, you really touched me with that comment! Thank you so much! It was my first day at work today and I am laying here on my bed in a guesthouse (my apartment isn’t ready yet) with body aches and feeling really tired…I had a good day but it was very demanding, a lot of hands on contact with the students which involved some violence at times, but also some cuddles and lots of laughs with the staff. I too have missed blogging but most of all READING blogs. I will be back very soon! Again, thank you so much! Blessings, S

      • Working with special needs takes special people(that’s you), ones who can like a little tree bend with each new challenge. It is one of the most demanding jobs but one rich in hearts rewards and this is why you are where you are! Kick your feet up, relax and know the universe is healing you….

      • oh Julie, bless your heart! thank you xxx

  5. Wait. You painted these? They look amazing! Great job!

  6. dawn says:

    these cards are beautiful!!!! will you be mass producing them? as i would love a set for my collection.

    • Yes I will! I aim to have 25 in a complete set but obviously I don’t want to restrict people or make them buy more than they want so I am starting to sell the first Major Arcana set of 5. Each Element will eventually have the major arcana card plus 4 minor arcana cards for example Earth will have The main Gaia Earth Goddess and then tree, flower, plant, animal. The Water will have other minor cards like ocean, waterfall, spring, rain etc all symbolising different Human states or ways of looking at the world. They can be used for meditation, inspiration or resolution of issues. I will be posting the first 5 when they are finished and will put up details about size, materials used, production method and pricing. Thanks very much for your kind comment. Blessings!

      • dawn says:

        so glad to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚ very drawn to the picture you have up already. cant wait for the full set to come out. blessings to you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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