Alicia’s story~ when what happened began.

I am planning my next project, a novel for teen readers that I am sure adults will enjoy too. It will explore themes such as parallel universes, the paranormal, relationships & communication, mental health issues, fate and the future world. Again, the story begins in an abandoned building that holds dark secrets….take a look at this excerpt for one of the POV characters…

The Silent Angels

I have longed for the night. I can hide with my comfort blanket of darkness engulfing me. No one will come in and disturb me. I have many hours of peace ahead. I sprawl out on the orange mattress on the balcony and brave the crisp wind, my face gazing up at the indigo ink blot sky, watching the swirls of the clouds blink, blink, blink and then sleep, blotting out the mischievous twinkle of the stars. The smoke from my cigarette twirls and dances like a fluid ballerina up and up to meet the sky, changing colour like a chameleon from silver-white, to pale blue, to black. When it’s finished, I let my eyes droop until I dream of faces that merge and expand, their features elongating and shrivelling, then winding around and looping through each other, hooking on to coiling snake-like entities that shimmer and slide past my…

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