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The Silent Angels

for front cover silent angels

for front cover silent angels 4

The Silent Angels~ time will tell

Would an image similar to this be great for the front book cover?

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Chapter 1 and Diary entries (1)

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The Silent Angels

Ok, so here’s the whole shabang for Chapter 1 so far, labelled 1, because I have been told that I need to put more description of the characters in. That I will work on and thus label it ‘2’. 

Chapter 1~ Arrival

I was having one of those hollow feelings that sometimes sneak up on me out of nowhere, making my heart trip out and my head feel like it’s floating. I glanced up at the girl driving, her bright blue dreadlocks bathed in late afternoon sun light. Of course, squashed up next to Lee in her 4×4 heading out of London, I didn’t want to dwell on it. Not after the previous two months of trying to persuade Mum to finally throw away the metaphorical diaper she was still trying to make me wear and Dad to chill the heck out and realise I am no longer his little…

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