About Moi


I am a spiritual adventurer and always learning about the world. I’m into alternative therapy and most New Age subjects. I LOVE abandoned buildings and ancient sites, only my lovely fiance shares that passion with me….everyone else thinks I’m a nutter! As a Pagan, I believe that we should all try and make each other’s lives beautiful. I studied Art and Design for many years and my work is influenced mostly by Pagan themes while offering healing and therapy. If I can do that with my art then I’m a happy chicken! The idea came about when I started keeping a quote book, as I love them, they inspire me. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could carry my favourites around with me…..? That’s where a bookmark idea and wallet card came in…my art work with quotes for inspiration on them….then the Greetings cards starting selling. All in all my themes are Nature, Angels and anything Mystical.

My business website is at:


This Summer we are having a Handfasting Ceremony, hopefully in an ancient stone circle. Unfortunately due to this kind of ceremony not being legal yet in this country we’ll have to have a Civil Ceremony as well. I wish we lived in Ireland! (It’s legal there).
So there’s me in short. Oh yes, have I mentioned my Greek cat, Pepper and our little bunny Pooki? šŸ™‚ I hope that this blog will become like a diary of daily (hmm time allowing!) thoughts and finds about LOADS of subjects. I also have a blog of my art work at Blogger:


Please head across to Youtube, as I’m gradually making videos about Art, ”How to..” style:


So I won’t be posting promotional photos on this blog, but feel free to visit me anywhere else, though! I appreciate visitors and any comments!



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