Behaving like a child. It’s dead good for you and stuff!

”]Cover of "Yes Man [Blu-ray]"

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~George Bernard Shaw

I am often told that I am childish. Apparently my sense of humour is beyond immature. But I don’t care! I have enough ‘maturity’ to deal with on a day to day basis with worry about money, job, ticking biological clock, fiance’s depression, the planet about to implode on itself, animal cruelty, rain, whether my art is good enough to sell, I’m overweight, I need a holiday………..oh but I digress!!! As you can see the list of potential worry is endless…so why not indulge in a little bit of juvenile jollies? Ever played the silly word game? Not only is it frickin funny (if you’ve got a childish sense of humour), but it exercises your weird flappy bit in your brain that doesn’t get used that often. I don’t know its ‘proper’ biological, mature name, so that name will do for me. The create bit….the one that stirs up weird and wonderful thoughts and encourages one to ‘think outside the box’. You know…did Monty Python make sense? Nope. Were they mature and sensible? NO. Did you laugh insanely at them and feel loads better after? YEP. Enough said.


You’re just a pocket size bicycle turnip.

That’s funny.

Ok, but if you’re actually not one to go out in public and yell things like ‘Automative penis picker’ in a very loud voice for entertainment, you could try some of these things.

(If at this point you have decided to ‘un’follow my blog…so long and farewell…!!)

1. Spend time around young children.

They have this amazing energy….they are innocent. Innocence means they have not yet got the burden of ‘normality’ and ‘appropriate behaviour’ on their shoulders. Ok, so we don’t have to be inappropriate to have a laugh (see above suggestion to yell ‘penis’ in a public place. Sorry, I don’t really do things like that!)  but a little inappropriateness in a place with no impressionable ears, is a GOOD thing!

2. Take a walk or day trip without any plans or route.

I loved that on the film ‘The Yes Man‘ with Jim Carrey. They just flew anywhere where the first flight was going to. Turn up at the airport, go to the first ticket desk and go ‘Where is the next flight going, please? Himsfordingworth? Ok let’s go. (Now I am making up silly names for places. So childish!) Imagine, though? What you would see…(or not, but it would be exciting not knowing!)

3. Do art without thought of success.

I love to put a huge piece of paper on the floor, squidge lots of different colours out and just…..well… things. I use brushes, bits of wood, scraps of paper, paint my cat’s paws and make her walk over it (no, not really), even walk on it or sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! It is really a lot of fun, and sometimes it will turn into something…..hang it on your wall and tell visitors to your house that it’s by a new up and coming artist called Steve shlongdivisionmap. Have fun with all these childish made up names as well!


Fingerpaint (Photo credit: kpishdadi)

4. Invite a few fun friends over for a “play date.”

Do that thing with paint, but with loads of friends. Either that or do some ‘Hideous Baking’. See who can bake the most disgustingly horrific tasting cake. Or biscuits. Or spaghetti Bolognese!

5. Take the longest, most interesting route to work.

Get up like, 2 hours earlier than normal and work out the longest possible route to work, or wherever your boring every day routine commands you go. Well, I don’t mean get on a plane and go via Mongolia or anything, but keep it within the time limit. (Mature people are NEVER late for work! Shocking!)  Take a totally different route and see what is around you that you haven’t see before. I bet you see loads of cool places. I once found an amazing OVERGROWN, FORGOTTEN graveyard! Oh the bliss! Trouble was, I got lost trying to find my way to work after that and I was so late…oh no….irresponsible! I couldn’t find it again either, ( the graveyard, not my work place unfortunately) so a map would help. Teehee.

Lastly, I am really not childish. Most of the time anyway. Just on mornings like this, when it’s teeming with rain and cold…I’ve got lots of responsible chores to do like job searching and… job searching…I think, NO. Life is for laughing and exercising your flappy brain bits.

How do you keep the child alive????