My Short Story for teenagers ‘Abandoned’ is now for sale on Kindle.

Yes, I have finally pulled everything together and published Abandoned after 3 years of drafting.

I began it in the summer of 2009 while I was living in Salonika (Thessaloniki) in Greece. I was all alone with 2 months ahead of me, trying to think how I could creatively enjoy my time off school as an English teacher. I had always loved writing stories and illustrating, and I had been utilising this passion for my Greek students, making up stories for them to help them contextualise vocabulary that we were learning in class, and how to use grammatical structures correctly. It proved to be fun and soon I was writing more and more for them, which made me really happy as I was encouraging them to read and also to be creative as homework tasks were set such as write your own conclusion to this story.

So I spent a lot of time in my study planning the plot and drawing sketches of the characters. I became utterly absorbed in my new fantasy world and would type away from the hours of 9pm to 4am every night; the balcony doors wide open, a gentle summer night breeze bellowing the curtains and my favourite Rock Radio Station playing  in the background. It was the ONLY time that the city was quiet and cool enough for me to focus so I became a night owl. I loved it!

this is typical of my nightly sky views from my apartment

The City streets where I would walk

it was a very inspiring city for the writer

Thessaloniki will always be my Muse. It’s my heart (kardia in Greek) and soul (psihi) and I miss it terribly.

Here is the front cover of my book. I designed it myself using Photoshop.

The Synopsis

Casey is a spoiled sixteen year old. She does not appreciate her parents, her privileged life or anyone who doesn’t adhere to her beliefs or passions. When her father accepts a post as a village Doctor and they move into a beautiful old mansion in the countryside, she is determined to rebel. Bored and angry to have left her friends back in the city she decides to defy her selfish parents, refusing to make friends with neighbours Lee and Lisa, and determined to spend her days alone.
But her bad attitude is about to change.
It all begins with Eliza. She discovers her punk rag doll under her bed, but there is something sinister about her. This doll is sad and torn and makes Casey uneasy and afraid. On a solitary walk she comes across a house that looks exactly like her own, but is deserted and burned out. It haunts her with terrifying feelings which draw her back there again and again. This begins a rollercoaster ride of fear, sadness, love and self-discovery. The house weaves the web which entangles Casey into a series of events connecting the doll, the boy called Lee and her fated future.
Why does Eliza, her doll, keep appearing in that house?
Who is the handsome boy wearing her favourite t-shirt who hangs out in the burnt out attic bedroom. Why is he petrified of her?
Gradually, Casey begins to piece together the sinister clues from her journal entries and sketchbooks that manifest themselves in that house. Eventually they lead her to a terrifying discovery. Can she look deep into herself and mend her selfish ways before she destroys herself and the people she loves?


You can read two ‘taster’ chapters on my website:

 or look inside the book on the Amazon Website. It can also be purchased here:

Casey’s life, loves and encounters with the paranormal can also be followed on her WordPress Blog:

I really hope that my first short story resonates with young readers and adults alike.

There are two main themes running through the plot; Don’t judge people on appearances and Every action has a consequence.

Enjoy, and please leave a review on the Amazon site if you are kind enough to purchase it, or leave a comment.

If you haven’t got Kindle and would like a copy of the story, I can send either a PDF file or Word document file to your email address for the same price as on Amazon~£2. 55 ($4)

Please email me ( or leave a comment and I will get get back to you with payment detail.

Bright Blessings to All!


A bit of a slow week but absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I hate it when I’m not very productive. It’s not that I haven’t got plenty to do or that I’m not inspired. It has been a combination of having a strange head cold coupled with hay fever, spending time with Fiance, and just generally waiting around for a phone call about a job. It has been like sitting on a bridge half way across. No man’s land.

I suppose it’s not always a bad thing to do nothing. It makes the activities you love more exciting and you see them with new eyes when you finally do get down to them again. Sometimes I have too much to do that I don’t do anything. Overload!

After all: ”The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ~Bertrand Russell

This is what I have started. It’s the Fire Element Card for the Major Arcana.

This is the last one of the five, having done Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. I’m not sure if I posted the finished Spirit card, so here it is:

I think the cards are looking really good together. I made this image up so that I could make sure they looked like they belonged together. Packs of cards should hold some unity. With these it’s the intricate borders and the angel wings.

Finally, here’s my reading material. Interesting wouldn’t you say? I’m keen to bring some ancient symbols into my jewellery pieces.

So, until next time, stay light, stay bright and don’t feel bad about doing nothing!

Blessings & Light


and from my familiar:

Please take time to answer this quick quezzie

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I am in the process of getting ideas together to develop my little Arts & Crafts business. As my two passions are Arts & Crafts and Natural Healing, I am looking at a fusion of these disciplines to create ‘Healing Arts and Crafts’ that are both functional and beautiful to look at.

To start with, I would like to know what people are using in the world of Alternative Therapies. There are some disciplines here that I would like to work with, but I am open to others that are not on the list.

I have already created some pieces using Crystals, Aromatherapy, Colour therapy, Ancient symbols & Wicca and Angel Healing but obviously I need to gauge what’s popular out there so I can focus on fusing the right disciplines with my Art. Win-win for me as a business and the customer for their Holistic and Spiritual needs in life!

Thank you for clicking!


Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web! Draw up a cushion and join me……

Hello out there. I thought I would start off by introducing my little self and what I’m all about! (In a fun way not a novel of snorzworthy content). A~Z of me!

Age: 39 (mentally a lot younger however….)

Black or Cream&Sugar: I’d say a tone shy of black (a drip, literally of milk!) and first wake up cup is 2 sugars yes bob!

Chore That You Hate: picking up all sorts of crap off the living room floor from evening before….

Dogs: I love them. I don’t have one but I want a Maltese. I love all animals even insects. They have a place in our universe. Respect them!

Essential Start to Your Day: COFFEE! Then daylight and shower.

Favorite Color: Purple, pretty much any shade will do as long as it’s purple! Purple! I always end up with it in my Art as well.

Gold or Silver: Silver for sure. I LOVE silver. It’s mystical and associates with the moon. I look at gold and automatically think ‘Cheap tat’ even when it’s not…

Height: 5’7.5” The point 5 is very important. My Fiance is tall so I want to be as tall as poss. (Without lying!)
Instruments You Play: Sadly, none but I always wish I could play the violin…oh the sorrow, oh the moodiness……….

Job Title: (Skint) Artist with my own new little business called Birds Become Fishes~art, magic & therapy for the soul.

Kids: None……..(wahhhhhhh!) But watch this space cos there’s gonna be some serious sproggling soon!

Live: Yes, I am alive. Just.

Mother’s Name: June

Nicknames: Reenie, Boobie (don’t ask!), Shnonkle, Chinkle Bottom (hm?), Ribena, Hippie, absolute twat….etc…

Overnight Hospital Stays: Some hideous memories of some when I was younger. Obviously the trauma blanked them out.

Pet Peeves: Lying, disrespect (for anything..old people, animals, children, the Earth…) fast food, cars, wind, cigarette ends, people who tread on beds in shoes….(ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR), more to be added as I think of them…….

Quote from a Movie: Duncan the skin head in Some Kind of Wonderful: ”It must be a hen house cos all I see is chicken shit.”

Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: My little siss Claire is 3 years younger than me.

Time You Wake Up: I wish I could say 7am but…I can’t!!!!

Underwear: Yep, I wear it!

Vegetables You Hate: None, but I hate ANY vegetable that has been boiled to shit. You might as well drink hot water.

What Makes You Run Late: Looking for stuff like lip salve and odd glove that was in my pocket the night before.

X-Rays You’ve Had: Teeth and hip.

Yummy Food That You Make: vegetarian bolognese with cinnamon, lentil & garlic soup, vegetable chilli

Zoo Animals: I worship all animals which makes me say that zoos suck and need to be all closed immediately (unless for breeding purposes). My faves are giraffes, monkeys, horses, lions…oh I can’t stop….just let’s say all of them, it’s easier!

”And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ”- Friedrich Nietzsche

hear: drunk people outside wasting money on booze and killing their livers.
read: other people’s blogs….I need inspiration.
taste: that pesto that my fiance cooked last night. Basically I want that meal again right now.
see: bare walls and boxes again. Yes, we’re moving!
smell: that pesto.
think: sometimes silence is good, it lets me hear what I really want to say.
feel: unsettled. unbalanced. excited.

My Bohemian Likes
late, late nights • notebooks & sketchbooks • strewn craft supplies •   low income • red wine • telling it like it is • imperfection • flea markets • making friends with random strangers • jazz • weedy ciggies • crazy conversations • french cafes • charismatic cafes •  inappropriateness • writing poems on throw-away napkins • thrift stores •  going against social flow • mystical tattoos • working to live • dancing round bonfires to drumming • wooden trinkets • not sending birthday cards • kaftans • embracing insomnia • passion • sitting on cushions on floor to eat • coffee • relaxed appearance • personal morality • writing/crafting/creating upon waking at 3am • hemp jewelry • introspection • French novelists • expressing yourself • dancing with abandon • experimentation • using your last £5 to buy a book • authenticity • discussing art/life on park benches or on the beach • imagination • funky hats • the dark side • alternative cinemas • old candles  • truth • forgetting to make dinner due to passionate activity • scarves • being free from Time • travelling ‘out of the way’ • gypsy skirts • sitting on rooftops • old typewriters • barefoot • not making lists • subversive • henna • leaving it to the last minute • long fabrics hanging everywhere • tousled hair • swimming naked • hitchhiking • incense • letting go • camping  • combining looks; hippy , goth, grunge  • gypsy caravans  •

Hope you enjoyed my lists & getting to know me a little bit better.

See you all soon

Hugz xx