Uprising….my muse is muse

Products in Europe not tested on animals carry...

Products in Europe not tested on animals carry this symbol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t watch TV.

It hurts my brain, it makes it shrivel up. And makes me so sad that people actually find it entertaining. Celebrity gossip. Why? They are just PEOPLE underneath. Advertising. We don’t need these things! Think about it. They are making money. OUT OF YOU!

The list is endless.

Fashion, cosmetics (animal testing is my real trigger for getting crazy angry), household cleaning products, medicines….come on everyone, WAKE UP! It’s all about profit and most of it is damaging our health and the Planet!

Don’t get me started on Politics or this blog will never end!

I’m posting this amazing song as another of my inspirations. It reminds me to be an INDIVIDUAL, not to follow everyone else like ‘Sheeple’ and to look into everything I am told or shown, NEVER take anything as said by ANYONE.