Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web! Draw up a cushion and join me……

Hello out there. I thought I would start off by introducing my little self and what I’m all about! (In a fun way not a novel of snorzworthy content). A~Z of me!

Age: 39 (mentally a lot younger however….)

Black or Cream&Sugar: I’d say a tone shy of black (a drip, literally of milk!) and first wake up cup is 2 sugars yes bob!

Chore That You Hate: picking up all sorts of crap off the living room floor from evening before….

Dogs: I love them. I don’t have one but I want a Maltese. I love all animals even insects. They have a place in our universe. Respect them!

Essential Start to Your Day: COFFEE! Then daylight and shower.

Favorite Color: Purple, pretty much any shade will do as long as it’s purple! Purple! I always end up with it in my Art as well.

Gold or Silver: Silver for sure. I LOVE silver. It’s mystical and associates with the moon. I look at gold and automatically think ‘Cheap tat’ even when it’s not…

Height: 5’7.5” The point 5 is very important. My Fiance is tall so I want to be as tall as poss. (Without lying!)
Instruments You Play: Sadly, none but I always wish I could play the violin…oh the sorrow, oh the moodiness……….

Job Title: (Skint) Artist with my own new little business called Birds Become Fishes~art, magic & therapy for the soul.

Kids: None……..(wahhhhhhh!) But watch this space cos there’s gonna be some serious sproggling soon!

Live: Yes, I am alive. Just.

Mother’s Name: June

Nicknames: Reenie, Boobie (don’t ask!), Shnonkle, Chinkle Bottom (hm?), Ribena, Hippie, absolute twat….etc…

Overnight Hospital Stays: Some hideous memories of some when I was younger. Obviously the trauma blanked them out.

Pet Peeves: Lying, disrespect (for anything..old people, animals, children, the Earth…) fast food, cars, wind, cigarette ends, people who tread on beds in shoes….(ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR), more to be added as I think of them…….

Quote from a Movie: Duncan the skin head in Some Kind of Wonderful: ”It must be a hen house cos all I see is chicken shit.”

Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: My little siss Claire is 3 years younger than me.

Time You Wake Up: I wish I could say 7am but…I can’t!!!!

Underwear: Yep, I wear it!

Vegetables You Hate: None, but I hate ANY vegetable that has been boiled to shit. You might as well drink hot water.

What Makes You Run Late: Looking for stuff like lip salve and odd glove that was in my pocket the night before.

X-Rays You’ve Had: Teeth and hip.

Yummy Food That You Make: vegetarian bolognese with cinnamon, lentil & garlic soup, vegetable chilli

Zoo Animals: I worship all animals which makes me say that zoos suck and need to be all closed immediately (unless for breeding purposes). My faves are giraffes, monkeys, horses, lions…oh I can’t stop….just let’s say all of them, it’s easier!

”And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ”- Friedrich Nietzsche

hear: drunk people outside wasting money on booze and killing their livers.
read: other people’s blogs….I need inspiration.
taste: that pesto that my fiance cooked last night. Basically I want that meal again right now.
see: bare walls and boxes again. Yes, we’re moving!
smell: that pesto.
think: sometimes silence is good, it lets me hear what I really want to say.
feel: unsettled. unbalanced. excited.

My Bohemian Likes
late, late nights • notebooks & sketchbooks • strewn craft supplies •   low income • red wine • telling it like it is • imperfection • flea markets • making friends with random strangers • jazz • weedy ciggies • crazy conversations • french cafes • charismatic cafes •  inappropriateness • writing poems on throw-away napkins • thrift stores •  going against social flow • mystical tattoos • working to live • dancing round bonfires to drumming • wooden trinkets • not sending birthday cards • kaftans • embracing insomnia • passion • sitting on cushions on floor to eat • coffee • relaxed appearance • personal morality • writing/crafting/creating upon waking at 3am • hemp jewelry • introspection • French novelists • expressing yourself • dancing with abandon • experimentation • using your last £5 to buy a book • authenticity • discussing art/life on park benches or on the beach • imagination • funky hats • the dark side • alternative cinemas • old candles  • truth • forgetting to make dinner due to passionate activity • scarves • being free from Time • travelling ‘out of the way’ • gypsy skirts • sitting on rooftops • old typewriters • barefoot • not making lists • subversive • henna • leaving it to the last minute • long fabrics hanging everywhere • tousled hair • swimming naked • hitchhiking • incense • letting go • camping  • combining looks; hippy , goth, grunge  • gypsy caravans  •

Hope you enjoyed my lists & getting to know me a little bit better.

See you all soon

Hugz xx