Repair, rejuvenate, heal…..the soul’s repair

Words and wall mural by John Robert Turner (my fiancee)


The Light

“If you feel that you can’t go on and your will’s sinking low, just believe and you can’t go wrong. In the light, you will find the road.”

~Led Zeppelin~

Please comment with all your positive inspiring quotes, affirmations and mantras….let’s see how many we can get!

Today it’s grey in a sleepless haze of devil’s play

hear: Fiance composing songs in his delirium of insomnia
read: The Sensualist by Barbara Hodgson

”Now in paperback, this potent mystery draws readers into a tangle of lost loves, vengeance, and murder. Set in the dark world of a European winter, and illuminated with Barbara Hodgson’s haunting illustrations, “The Sensualist” is a visual and literary exploration of the limitations of looking and the boundless power of seeing.”

taste: the need for something sweet….ginger nut biscuits
see: sun that explodes through the clouds and then cowers behind clouds of grey
smell: spring
think: how nature can heal
feel: unsettled. unbalanced. excited.