Home. This is what I would like it to be…

”Home is a shelter from storms – all sorts of storms. ” ~William J. Bennett

I have read a lot about cosmic ordering and thought I would gather together some pics that I’ve had for a while. I will be printing them out when I can afford some ink! Meanwhile, I thought I’d do the next best thing and post them here.

I’m all about a Cabin in the woods with a lake……….

 This would be my little art studio, not far from the main cabin.

The terrace either at the front of my studio or the main cabin.

The view from the main cabin. There simply has to be a lake.

At the back..these gorgeous mosaic designs make it seem like a fairy tale house

The actual cabin. Oh bliss!

Part of the kitchen. Rustic and natural.

The reception area. I love antique furniture. Not the polished kind. The falling apart kind.

A little reading area by the window

Full of salvaged furniture and brick-a-brack with a story behind each.

Look at the ceiling. It’s like a derelict house. Atmosphere, ghosts and history! A perfect bedroom

Lots of light. Ethnic cushions on the floor to curl up next to a read a book.

Bringing Nature inside with a rustic iron bed

I will add more to this ‘Dream Board’ post as I find images that I love.